About Us

At Sushi Gallery Melbourne, we offer over 20 varieties of traditional rice paper rolls, more than 15 unique modern style sushi, health Japanese style poke bowls, a collective of sushi party platters as well as authentic Japanese food and healthy party food.

Sushi Gallery is one of the most popular modern Japanese food and catering restaurants in the inner Melbourne. We cater for all occasions such as sushi for schools; sushi for offices; sushi for universities and sushi for hospitals. We provide healthy party foods from small parties to large; sushi wholesale and a lot more.

Sushi Gallery is good for health.

Our salmon is from Tassal Pure Tasmania.

All our ingredients are free of additives and MSG.

We have stayed true to the traditions of Japanese food and homemade sushi vinegar to our sushi rice.

You have a choice of sushi rice or brown rice with your sushi hand rolls.

Japanese food is low in calories and high in all the fats your body needs: fish oils are high in Omega 3 fatty acids and a typical sushi lunch ranges between 200 and 500 calories.

Visit Sushi Gallery or order your sushi and Authentic Japanese Food online. Sushi Gallery will be your favourite Japanese cuisine provider.